How The Free Market is Helping Fix Afghanistan’s Heroin Problems

Laila Haidari is a rare and bright spark in an often gloomy Afghan landscape of war, poverty and drug addiction. She has created Afghanistan’s first and only self-funding drug rehabilitation center in the nation’s capital Kabul. Known affectionately as “Mother Camp” to current and past patients alike, the centre can house up to 25 residents […]

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Australia: The Proud Nanny State.

Ahhh Australia, the land of the long white beach, shrimp being thrown on barbies, and every backpacker’s first trip away from home. It also just so happens to be one of the most restrictive of nanny-states in the developed world. (perhaps with Singapore beating it by a little). f you’re an Aussie who wants to […]

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Canada’s Healthcare: Why “Free” Isn’t Free.

For most Canadians, their national healthcare system is a source of pride – offering all Canadian citizens access to unpaid healthcare nationwide. However this ostensible “oasis” of modern government policy actually leaves much to be desired at the ground-level. In purely economic terms, Canada’s healthcare system is nothing short of a failure, costing the taxpayer […]

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Cannabis is now legal in Canada.

(Il)legal: How Ontario’s government monopolized legal cannabis.

Under a thick haze of smoke, October 17, 2018 saw Canada officially legalize recreational Cannabis throughout its provinces after months of delays and setbacks. However, despite the ostensibly positive reception by many Canadians, the legal weed system that has been rolled out by the Ontario provincial government has left a bad taste in the mouth […]

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