We Tried a Toronto Weed Delivery Service. Here’s what we found…

With all the hubbub surrounding Cannabis legalization in Canada, some provinces have been less than pleased with the roll-out of the government-controlled retail system.


In Ontario especially, the rollout of the OCS (Ontario Cannabis Store), which offered admittedly top-shelf, but incredibly expensive cannabis in relatively small denominations (up to a half-ounce generally.) and no concentrates or edibles allowed.

The launch of the OCS corresponded unfortunately with a rolling Canada Post strike.

Naturally, this left cannabis users with a dilemma:
Break the law, or wait for legal bud?

Of course, the black market here for weed is strong , with many people having seen Toronto’s famous illegal dispensaries, who play a cat and mouse game with authorities to stay open despite city laws forbidding them.

But there is one other type of black market weed that flies a little lower under the authorities’ radar:


There’s a wide range of delivery companies to choose from, ranging from sketchy-as-hell, to super slick.

The Dispensary

agorism cannabis


agorism cannabis

We chose a well-reviewed supplier who conveniently offered cash-on-delivery.

It was a simple as browsing their website, choosing our weed – we chose the $100 Jamaican Kush ounce. Seems like a good deal! Delivery was an additional $15, and that was that – order confirmed!

Less than an hour later,we got a call saying our driver was waiting out front. This was amazing… its like UberEats, for weed!

The package arrived in some awesome packaging and vacuum sealed so the delicious smell wasn’t an issue. The driver checked my ID and we were away!

Agorism in Action

agorism dispensary


Their website displayed service boundaries and warnings that service is only to adults 19+

This was some of the best service we’ve had in the city, legal or otherwise. Our order arrived within an hour and was actually overweight to boot. Ordering was simple and overall, things just worked!

Compare this to the mess that was Ontario’s OCS, which, despite its’ pretty website, simply does not deliver. Enter black markets. These guys aren’t selling meth – they’re distributing the exact same product the government is, only doing it better

This is a great example of how markets spring up to fulfil demands, often regardless of the potential ramifications. These entrepreneurs should be encouraged, not stamped out by less-efficient state-based frameworks.

In the end – are we “Legalizing” or “monopolizing”?

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